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The Harry/Ginny Fic Exchange
The moment you've all been waiting for! 
11th-Feb-2007 04:20 pm
JA: Jupiter
Hello, everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping to my deadlines, but real life up and decided to take me prisoner for a while. Perhaps this will make you guys forgive me? ;-)

The Winter 2006 Fic Exchange Masterlist

"This Night Couldn't Get Any Better" by xxkessiex (for x3_b0okw0rm)
"Joyeux Noel" by goodwitch323 (for cyyt)
"Dumbledore's Man" by aggiebell90 (for mah_akh)
"Time For His Own Life" by _seratonin (for rarity)
"Ornaments" by snuggle_muggle for (xannie_bellex)
"Not Where I Expected" by naiad8 for (xfirefly9x)
"Follow" by rarity (for naiad8)
"If You Love Someone" by almond_joyz (for aggiebell90)
"Fantasy" by rarity (for mereol)
"In the Night" by bandcandy (for almond_joyz)

All in all, a great turn-out for a first exchange! Only one person dropped out without any sort of contact whatsoever, so I'm quite pleased. If all of the exchanges could be just as efficient as this one has, with participants as fantastic as we've been so fortunate to have, life would be pretty darn near perfect, I'd say. :-P

Nominations for awards will be posted after I've got the names and such for all of the categories ready. If anyone has any suggestions for awards, please feel free to leave a comment on this post.

For people who'd like to do back-up writing or other work around the comm, I'm putting up a post soon with forms for you guys to fill out. Also, I'll be posting the header and footer forms for the V-Day exchange soon, so authors, be sure to keep an eye out for that entry! Remember, you've only got three days left to get your fics in, unless you contact me and ask for an extension. Please do drop me a line if you're having any trouble, as that lets me know you're not dropping out or something of the like.

Thanks to everyone for their patience!
26th-Sep-2007 06:30 pm (UTC)
are you planning to do another round of this exchange?? I think it woudl be awesome.
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