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The Harry/Ginny Fic Exchange
Fic Request Fulfilled for rarity 
18th-Apr-2007 12:17 pm
JA: Jupiter
Title: She'd Have It Her Way
Author: Anonymous
Beta: smartasschef14
Rating: PG13
Word count: 1882
Summary: Ginny's used to getting her way, and when she she's denied what she most wants, she is one unhappy red head.
Warnings: There's a few HBP spoilers.
Disclaimer: Don't own. Sadly.
Author's Notes: I'm eternally sorry that this is so late, but I hope you enjoy it. I couldn't resolve the sexual tension because that would pretty much defeat the whole idea of poor tortured!Harry. But here you are!

She'd Have It Her Way

'Harry, please,' she pleaded, folding her arms over her chest.

'I said no, Ginny,' he said coldly, not bothering to tear his eyes away from the window.

'It'll be good for you,' she countered, not at all thrown off by his icy tone.

'But it wont be good for you,' he muttered, his temper melting away for a split second.

She staggered a moment, taken aback by his words. 'I don't know what you mean,' she whispered, doing her best to regain her stubborn scowl.

'I wont come back here and let us go back to the way we were -'

'You mean happy?' she spat, annoyance now lacing her voice.

'I mean,' he hissed, 'I wont act like I have some sort of claim on you, Ginny. If you want to celebrate Valentine's day you shouldn't be waiting for me. Go find a bloke who isn't putting you in danger just by standing near you.'

'Well, that's much easier said than done!' She was furious and he could tell. 'I can't just go around pretending last year never happened. It actually meant something to me.' Her eyes were cold, though he could see the hurt in them none the less.

He took a step away from the window in Ron's old room where they were currently bickering.

She wanted him to celebrate Valentine's Day with her and, despite wanting nothing more than that, himself, he knew it would only be worse if he did.

He had come back for a little while, with Ron and Hermione, to stay at the Burrow so they would have the resources they needed in their search for the remaining Horcruxes. When he had decided to come back he knew it wouldn't be as easy as he had hoped. In going back to his childhood home, he would also be going back to a love that felt as though it had been something centuries old. He loved her. He would never be able to deny that. But he would never put her in danger again - he'd promised himself that long ago, and he wasn't about to go back on his promise now that he had the chance.

Looking up he could tell that would be a hard thing to do - Ginny was watching him with such intense eyes he nearly gave in right there; after all, it couldn't hurt to spend one day with her. But even as he thought it, he knew how wrong he was. Being in the same room with her right then was risking her life. In a time of war, where Voldemort stood to lose so much more than just his power, he would do anything to get one up on Harry. Including taking Ginny from him. It tortured him to think there could one day be a world without her in it.

'Ginny, listen,' he sighed, running a hand through his messy hair, 'I can't do this right now. I'm not going to argue with you. This can't happen -'

Though he was interrupted when Ginny took a step towards him, closing the gap between the two. Her hands rested gently on his chest and her lips stood inches from his. 'You can't actually be that dumb, can you Harry?'

'Er, what?' he muttered, trying to keep his thoughts straight - damn her, she knew what she did to him. She was cheating! He could hardly compete with her when she acted so unfairly.

'This stupid "protecting" me ploy. I mean, really,' she let out a quiet, breathy laugh, 'Voldemort knows who I am. And if he finds out we've been together - and he will,' she silenced his protests, 'half of Slytherin saw us together last year. He'll come after me no matter what. He wont care if we're together now or not.'

He tried desperately to come up with a counter attack but he found it very hard to concentrate when she was in such close proximity. 'Ginny,' he murmured weakly.

'Harry.' Even her voice sounded confident.

He coughed and - very painfully - moved around her, towards the door. 'I'm going to go down and see if your mum needs any help with dinner,' he swallowed, not bothering to turn to face her because he was sure if he did he would only want to push her up against the wall and carry on from where they had left off before summer had come.

Quickly he took the stairs two at a time, glad to be away from the red head; he felt as though he could breath without thinking about it when he wasn't near her.

'Harry, where have you been? We've found something we thought might be helpful. We were talking with Professor Lupin and he -'

He truly wasn't in the mood to discuss something like war right then and so, as Hermione beamed, proud of whatever she had just discovered, he shook his head. 'Er, listen, Hermione. Why don't you go tell Ron? I'm sure he'd be interested in hearing all about it.'

'Is everything alright?' she asked, her eyebrows knitting together. He could tell she sensed something - she was more perceptive than most people. Although he assumed that had something to do with Ron.

'Yeah. I'm just ...' he trailed off as Ginny bounced down the stairs, a tiny smirk playing on her lips. He ran his hand through his hair again, taking a deep breath.

She wasn't making things easier for him. He was trying very hard to keep things simply platonic between them but - perhaps it was the holiday which approached - she wasn't really helping him much. His stomach felt twisted in knots as he fought the monster which raged within it whenever Ginny was around.

He wished, more than anything, that the war was over, that Voldemort was gone, and that he could finally live for himself; tired of being the one in the Prophecy.

'Harry?' Hermione's concerned face shifted in front of his view, capturing his attention again. 'Ron and I were thinking it might be nice to take tomorrow off; you know, since its Valentine's Day, and all. We were going to go on a picnic. I found this charm to keep a sort of ... bubble of summer around us. So we wouldn't be cold. You can come, if you want?' she asked, nervously.

'What? Er, no. You guys go ahead,' he muttered, trying to crane his neck around her bushy hair, hoping to catch a glimpse of the red head, though she'd retreated to the kitchen. 'I'm gonna go see if Mrs. Weasley needs any help with dinner. Let Ron know about what you found, okay?' he said, distractedly as he wandered off towards the smells of fresh bread baking in the next room.

'Oh, hello dear. Hungry?' she laughed as he plucked a piece of turkey off the platter she was arranging them on.

As he tossed it into his mouth he answered, 'Starved. Did you need some help?'

'How nice. I'm nearly done over here,' she gestured to the tray, 'but Ginny could probably use help with the table. We're expecting a lot of people tonight. I haven't had much time to head over to Grimmuald so they all seem to be coming here,' her eyes crinkled in the corners as she smiled, arranging another piece of turkey.

'Alright, I'll help set the table then,' he said, nabbing another bit of turkey before heading to the next room where the large table sat.

Immediately he wished he'd stayed in the kitchen with Mrs. Weasley. Ginny had apparently gotten rather hot in the house because she'd taken off the sweater she had been wearing upstairs. Her creamy white skin which was now far more visible on her arms, made his fingers itch to touch it. He coughed, trying to bring himself back to the present.

She looked up and smiled - something she'd been doing less and less lately. 'Come to help?' she asked, folding a napkin.

He nodded, 'Yeah, your mum said you might need help?'

'Thanks. A lot of people are coming. I think I've got enough plates out,' she held up a hand and started ticking her fingers off as she listed names, 'Tonks and Lupin, Mad Eye, Bill and Fleur are coming, Charlie, the Twins, McGonagall - she wanted to talk to Mum about something. Um, Dad wont be here, he's working late, so he wont need a place. But there's also the four of us.'

'You've got enough,' he told her, counting the plates.

'Alright, then you could do the goblets, if you don't mind. And I'll finish with the napkins.' She went back to folding them in perfect triangles.

They didn't speak until Harry finished with the goblets and moved on to placing a fork beside each plate.

'So? Have you given any thought to what I mentioned before?' she wondered, gingerly following behind him with the knives.

'I said no, Ginny,' he sighed, annoyed that she wouldn't simply drop the subject. 'I'm not celebrating Valentine's Day with you.'

'Well I suppose you'll enjoy tagging along with my brother and Hermione? All that awkwardness - won't that be pleasant,' she said icily, walking to the other side of the table.

His fists clenched. She had pinpointed the exact reason he'd said no to the picnic tomorrow with his two best friends. He couldn't imagine anything more awkward than spending the evening with the two as they sorted through their feelings. Well, perhaps only this conversation with Ginny could top the awkwardness of Valentine's Day with his best mates.

'I've already told you,' he tried to keep his voice level, 'I'm not going to open up new ... feelings,' he struggled to find his words.

'They're only new if we've never felt them before,' she pointed out.

'I'm not going to let Voldemort get at me through you. And that's final, Ginny,' he told her, point blank. It felt as though they'd had the conversation one million times before.

'I told you before the summer started, that I understood that,' she reminded him, rolling her eyes, 'and I'm not asking you to go back on that. I'm just asking you to spend one last day with me.'

This seemed so logical but his insides were fighting a dangerous battle. He could allow himself one last day of normalcy, of happiness. But could he take the chance that this one day could be the last day? He couldn't imagine a world without Ginny. He was sure that if he were ever faced with the prospect of such a world, he would not be able to cope well with it. He couldn't simply walk away from what he knew was right to please the monster which seemed to constantly roar when he was around the red head.

'Ginny. I can't,' he muttered, 'I'm sorry.'

'Fine,' she said stubbornly, and he knew he hadn't heard the last of it.

Before he was able to respond she stomped childishly from the room, her red hair on fire.

He hoped, however, that it would be easier now that he'd made up his mind to keep her safe, though with Ginny, nothing ever was - she'd have it her way.


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